Red Sky is very responsive and solutions oriented.
They played a key part in our success.

- Kim Natale, Vice President of Marketing

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Red Sky Solutions

With over thirteen years of experience implementing Salesforce, Red Sky Solutions is a preferred consulting partner specializing in more than six industries.

We understand the finer points of your business and can help you achieve the results you expect with Salesforce. Beyond standard Salesforce implementations, our team can help you identify key business requirements and deliver on those requirements using industry best practices.

Your Success is Personal

Red Sky Solutions’ consultants bring more than knowledge and understanding of Salesforce. Along with over 15 years of combined Salesforce experience, our team brings experience from a wide variety of industries, business positions, and from highly respected firms such as Deloitte, HP, Bank of America, and EY. This unique combination of skills and experience translates into a solid understanding of our clients’ business environment, and how to apply technology to solve their business process challenges.

“Part of what makes working at Red Sky Solutions so rewarding to me is that I get to learn about a whole new business every time I meet a new client. It’s fascinating to sit down with a new client and have them introduce me to their world. Then I get to introduce them to how the leading edge technology of Salesforce transforms that world!”

- Tim Flint, Senior Engagement Manager Red Sky Solutions

Our Services

Business Consulting

Our goal is to help navigate the challenges associated with your business and technology adoption. We identify key business requirements, determine success factors and strategically create a custom workflow.

Implement & Optimize

Our certified consultants partner with you through the Salesforce implementation, optimizing the solution, and providing insight into best practices.


We will unlock the value of your data within other parts of your organization. We provide integration services with existing systems.


Let us help you develop and transform Salesforce beyond conventional functionality; thereby enhancing the value of your solution.


We can help your business extend it’s success in the cloud through mobile applications. Access customer and partner data anywhere with Salesforce1.


We provide the training and tools that your team needs to succeed; thus increasing productivity, accelerating user adoption and ensuring rapid ROI.

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1500 + Completed Salesforce Projects

Red Sky Solutions understood and continues to understand our business and needs. Red Sky Solutions helps us design a better tool to help our salespeople become more efficient with their time.

- Jim Kauker, Executive VP & Chief Sales Officer

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